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The Multi Utility Chemical – Benzoyl Chloride

Posted by Admin on September, 28, 2021

When you hear the word “benzencarbonyl chloride”, instantly you must gather that it is none other than benzoyl chloride. It is an organochlorine compound that is a colourless and fuming liquid with an odour that is most unpleasant and irritating.


Benzoyl chloride is made in combination with either water or benzotrichloride. Like all other acyl chlorides, it can be created from the parent acid and conventional chlorinating agents like phosphorus pentachloride, thinly chloride and oxalyl chloride. Initially, it was prepared by treating benzaldehyde with chlorine.

The earliest known method in its preparation was chlorination of benzyl alcohol. Today it comes in quantities of different sizes that are manufactured by 50 Kg Benzoyl Chloride Manufacturers.


Being a typical acyl chloride it reacts with alcohols to give rise to esters and amides when reacted with amines.


Benzoyl chloride has many applications in various industries. It has important uses as an agent to manufacture another chemical substance like benzoyl peroxide which is used as an initiator in the polymer industry. It is also used as an antecedent for UV-stabilizers and benzophenone for the pharmaceutical industry and in the agro-chemicals industry. The dyes and pigments industry require this chemical for the manufacturing processes that take place there.

The applications of benzoyl chloride are many. It is used for organic synthesis, pesticides, insecticides & herbicides, monomer plastic, resin production and bleaching flour &refined oil. High-quality benzoyl chloride can be obtained from 50 Kg Benzoyl Chloride Wholesale Suppliers in the market. The perfume industry also makes use of this chemical because of its sweet and pleasant aroma that is similar to rose, strawberries and bananas.


While it is a very stable chemical compound, it is extremely combustible when it comes into contact with strong oxidizing agents, water, alcohol and bases. It also reacts vehemently with DMSO and aggressively with alkalies.

It should be stored in safe and reliable places or, else there are high chances that this chemical will cause damage in terms of erupting into flames. Thus, 50 Kg Benzoyl Chloride Suppliers should be very careful in their storage.

Its stability makes it an item of easy transportation but all the same, must be transported very carefully with all adequate precautionary measures taken because it is a highly combustible substance. And Liquid Benzoyl Chloride is transported in barrels of various sizes manufactured by various manufacturers all over the country.

Safety Measures To Be Taken

As it forms an explosive when it comes into contact with air in presence of certain other agents, it is an obligation on the part of Liquid Benzoyl Chloride Suppliers to store it in optimum conditions. It must be stored away from heat, hot surfaces and flame. Even water is highly dangerous. In presence of moisture, it can corrode metals when kept in its vicinity. It is a very sensitive chemical.

Importance Of The Chemical

This chemical has many applications for many industries so; it has immense importance as a chemical of industrial use. But it is equally important to note that it must be stored and manufactured very carefully because of its highly combustible nature. But it is easily available with many manufacturers now.

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