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100 Kg Benzoyl Chloride - Applications, Chemical Properties And Potential Hazards To Know

Posted by Admin on March, 19, 2021

Benzyl chloride is extremely sensitive, and its quality to readily interact with many other organic chemicals results in the production of thousands of tons every year to be used in chemical manufacturing processes. This colourless liquid gives off an odour described as very pungent and can have hazardous effects if not handled with extreme caution.

Chemical Intermediate

Since 100kg benzyl chloride is used as a precursor in the composition of various other chemicals, it has an extensive reach into a wide variety of industries. Among the chemicals for which benzoyl chloride is a catalyst are benzyl esters. These small, lightweight molecules carry the pleasant aromas that make up some of our favourite scents, similar to those from roses, strawberries, and bananas.

Chemical Properties

Transparent, colourless liquid; pungent odour; vapour causes tears. It is easily soluble in ether and carbon disulfide but decomposes in water as well. Combustible. Benzoyl chloride is a colorless to light brown liquid with a strong, penetrating odour.

Application areas of benzoyl chloride:

It is highly used in initiator, dye intermediates, UV absorbers, rubber additives, medicine etc. Benzoyl chloride is also an intermediate of

• herbicide metamitron, and
• insecticide propargite,
• benzene hydrazine or
• intermediate food
Benzoyl chloride is used for dye, pharmaceutical raw material, organic synthesis, and manufacturing initiator for pesticides and herbicides.

In pesticides, it is a new insecticide. Benzoyl chloride is an imperative benzoyl and benzyl reagent used to produce benzoyl peroxide. Also useful for the production of benzyl benzoate, benzophenone, benzyl cellulose.

Potential hazards:

When open to the water, benzoyl chloride hydrolyzes into benzoyl alcohol along with hydrochloric acid. Due to this activity, benzoyl chloride is taken as a lachrymator agent or a chemical that makes eye, respiratory, and skin irritating. Benzoyl chloride was first applied due to these properties as a chemical weapon through World War I.

The acute effects of benzyl chloride inhalation include severe irritation of the skin, eyes, and mucous membranes, resulting in lung damage.

Where to get authentic quality 100 Kg Benzoyl Chloride?

Some trusted and accredited 100 Kg Benzoyl Chloride Suppliers can provide authentic quality benzoyl chloride to different industries. Only the trusted manufacturers who regularly supply and deal in benzyl chloride should be approached. It’s important to choose a trusted supplier experienced in proper handling and shipping methods due to his hazardous nature.
The chemical that 100kg benzoyl chloride manufacturers provide to customers is made under the administration of experts and specialists. They make sure that the ingredients used in manufacturing are of good quality and used in the right proportion. Due to this reason, these products are popular in the market, and our customer counts us as one of the best 100kg Benzoyl chloride manufacturer and supplier in India.

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